One look, your way
it's starting again
and you can't deny it
or try to hide it
she says "it's only a game"
but you can't survive it
words can't describe it
choke up and hurry away
as to stay here would be misery
so keep repeating history
and face it
it's always the same
and never good enough to be
the way it was in your memory

I paid the highest cost
I don't think it meant anything to you
all that I am was lost
I can't see it meant anything to you

she turns
with that look in her eye
bite your tongue to stop it
and change the topic
moves in, she touches your arm
and it's too late for logic
too late to stop it
stand up and hurry away
'cause you know the place where this will lead
and it can't touch the endless need inside you
that's burning away and
it's never ever gonna be
the way it was in your memory

our footsteps in the frost
go back as far as I can see
I would have paid any cost
because it meant everything to me

@темы: Alternative rock, Post-rock